The Devil & His pieces (Poetry Block 20)

When heart has no mercy

And mind has no fear

Hate blinds the eyes

And feeds the hands spears

A jealous raging heart

Will commit suicide

Leave the pieces scattered in the dark

And then take his own life

But the ring leader

Who started this tour

Will insert the man with a demon

That will break into his very core

Why stop at one set of clients

With a world full of misfits

At first the new human is defiant

But the devil will fix him

And a murderous rampage will start

Beginning with ones that have wronged him

Murder becomes this man’s heart

Giving him a new twist on existence

And the world will suffer

For already forgiven mistakes

But from one town to another

The devil is now at play

Poet’s Thoughts:

This is my interpretation of how the devil works, or could work. Taking the weak ones first, the ones that are easily persuaded by their circumstances. A look at what happens when you let the bad bring you down, when you let it control you. You lose the control of your own life and simply become the puppet.

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