Risk (Poetry Block 26)

I wrote some words on paper

That at first didn’t make any sense

But when I reread them out loud

They were put together in my head

Afraid that the words

Had too deep of a meaning

I burned the paper to ashes

But still the words replayed while I was dreaming

Maybe I made a mistake

Should have taken a risk with these words

Because the mind is so fragile

I could have had them written and be heard

So I took pen to paper

Trying to remember the verses

But I think now it’s too late

As now I’m drawing a blank

Crumbled paper balls on the floor by my feet

I can’t seem to remember my lines

And the words had come together

Like a heartfelt melody

So I sit there with pen to paper

The hours are killing me

And slowly the words come back to life


Poet’s Thoughts:

Just to clear the air, I have never burned anything that I’ve written nor crumbled it unless I had already written it somewhere else. Now, with that being said I have written about topics that make people uncomfortable and have thought twice about sharing them. People have a way of making you feel stupid or foolish for going all in on something that’s worth it. I don’t feel about that anymore. If I want to write about Depression. I will. If I want to write about Death/Dying. I will. It’s that simple. There’s good and bad in everything we do, in every thought we have, etc. Both sides should be written. For me, both sides get written!

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