Gargoyle (Poetry Block 32)

Perched on the edge

Looking down on disillusionment

The humans and their weapons

Have become the newest type of pollution

Murders and crimes

Filling up the T.V. screens

Tears and goodbyes

Sadness on the look of things

High above

Yet still grounded to reality

I don’t want to see anymore

This anger inside shows favor to my outer skin

Gargoyle or guardian

This peace is so divided

I can’t stand being up here

And just watching all the violence

I made a vow

Yet you won’t let me interfere

Why don’t they understand?

Life can’t be lived if you’re only living it in fear

I was once a monster

And I was punished for my sins

Now wishing I had lived my life

All I’m feeling sorry for are the kids

Regret that I’m still paying off

I should’ve been a leader

Instead of going down a path in which I’m guilty of

So I’ll pray my Lord

That you guide these souls lost in heart

Don’t let them become like me

Who gave it all up for a pipe dream cost


Poet’s Thoughts:

I believe, as humans, we have the tendency to sometimes want to create chaos so that we can depend on our very selves to defeat it. Except, we don’t really know how to because it builds and builds and slowly becomes out of our control. We end up having to watch the destruction it causes wishing we had just let well enough alone. And sometimes the punishment that precedes the chaos is worse. A repetition of events that could have been avoided had we taken the responsibility to think with our minds and not our feelings. Seeing the bigger picture in any circumstance certainly outweighs any easy, cheap quick fix that we think will take care of itself. Think long term. 

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